Classroom of the Elite Manga

Classroom of the Elite Manga

Classroom of the Elite manga is finally getting a season 3 in early 2024

Classroom of the Elite Manga Info :

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Where can I read Classroom of the Elite?

You can read Elite Classroom manga online at in English for free.

What is the release schedule for Classroom of the Elite manga?

Classroom of the Elite Chapters are released weekly. But sometimes, the manga chapters get delayed. Bookmark to stay notified whenever a new chapter is released.

Elite Classroom Characters:

Main Characters:

Kikyou KUSHIDAHeadband, High School Student, Teenager
Kiyotaka AYANOKOUJIAnalytical, High School Student, Stoic, Teenager
Suzune HORIKITABraids, Class Representative, Hair Ribbons, High School Student, Stoic, Teenager

Secondary Characters:

Haruki YAMAUCHIHigh School Student, Teenager
Honami ICHINOSEClass Representative, High School Student, Teenager

Minor Characters:

Airi SAKURAGlasses, High School Student, Pigtails, Teenager
Akane TACHIBANAHair Buns, High School Student, Student Council, Teenager
Akito MIYAKEHigh School Student, Teenager
Albert YAMADAAbnormally Tall, Cleft Chin, Dark-skinned, High School Student, Muscular, Sunglasses, Teenager
Arisu SAKAYANAGICane, Class Representative, Hat, High School Student, Teenager
Chiaki MATSUSHITAHigh School Student, Teenager
Chie HOSHINOMIYAHair Drills, Teacher
Chihiro SHIRANAMIHigh School Student, LGBT+, Teenager
Daichi ISHIZAKIHigh School Student, Teenager
Haruka HASEBEHigh School Student, Mole, Teenager
Hideo SOTOMURAGlasses, High School Student, Teenager
Kakeru RYUUENClass Representative, High School Student, Ruthless, Teenager
Kanji IKEHigh School Student, Teenager
Kazuma SAKAGAMIGlasses, Teacher
Kei KARUIZAWAHigh School Student, Ponytail, Teenager
Ken SUDOUAthlete, Basketball Player, High School Student, Hot-Headed, Teenager
Kohei KATSURAGIBald, Class Representative, Cleft Chin, High School Student, Teenager
Kokoro INOGASHIRAHigh School Student, Teenager
Kyougo KOMIYAAthlete, Basketball Player, High School Student, Teenager
Mako AMIKURAHigh School Student, Ponytail, Teenager
Manabu HORIKITAGlasses, High School Student, Student Council, Teenager
Masayoshi HASHIMOTOHigh School Student, Piercings, Ponytail, Teenager
Masumi KAMUROHigh School Student, Teenager
Maya SATOHigh School Student, Teenager
Mei-Yu WANGHigh School Student, Pigtails, Teenager
Mio IBUKIClass Representative, Hair Antenna, High School Student, Teenager
Reo KONDOUAthlete, Basketball Player, High School Student, Teenager
Rokusuke KOUENJIBig Ego, High School Student, Muscular, Selfish, Teenager
Ryuuji KANZAKIClass Representative, High School Student, Teenager
Sae CHABASHIRAAdult, Ponytail, Smoker, Teacher
Satoru KANEDAGlasses, High School Student, Teenager
Satsuki SHINOHARAHigh School Student, Teenager
Sou SHIBATAHigh School Student, Teenager
Teruhiko YUKIMURAGlasses, High School Student, Teenager
Tomoya MASHIMATeacher
Yahiko TOTSUKAHigh School Student, Teenager
Yousuke HIRATAAthlete, Class Representative, High School Student, Soccer Player, Teenager
Yukitsu KUSUDAFacial Hair
Yume KOBASHIHigh School Student, Teenager

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